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Families Contact was established to promote and support positive contact between children and their families, we deliver high quality child focused services to families who are separating or who are experiencing difficulties.

Our main goal is to facilitate and support contact between children of separated families.

The service we provide aims to do this in the community, family home and childrens centres or other suitable venues.

We are a team of Social Workers and Contact Supervisors who are experienced and offer a sensitive approach to the concept of contact.

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~ Families Contact

What We

Our Services

Contact Supervision

Supports the safety and emotional wellbeing of a child whilst they have contact with their non-resident parent.

Supported Contact

These are suitable for families where no significant risk to the child have been identified.

Hospital Contact

Hospital supervision is a service we can provide for parents of children who require supervision with their child whilst their child is in Hospital.

Virtual Contact Supervision

This involves the use of a Video Chat Apps like (Zoom, Teams or Facetime).

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