Our Services

We offer a range of tailored services to both Private clients and Local authorities, please complete a referral form for services here.

Contact Supervision

Supervised contact supports the safety and emotional wellbeing of a child whilst they have contact with their non-resident parent this could be in the family home or the community. We aim to help re-establish contact when there has been a significant time lapse of no contact. Families Contact assist parents in building and sustaining positive relationships between themselves and their child. We support contact for children with significant others in their families and promote sibling relationships.

Supported Contact

These are suitable for families where no significant risk to the child have been identified. Staff will provide low level supervision with no close observation or monitoring. No report will be provided.

Hospital Contact

Hospital supervision is a service we can provide for parents of children who require supervision with their child whilst their child is in Hospital.

Supervision of contact between a parent and child when a child is in hospital can be very distressing for parents, however our service is impartial and independent that can be used to enable this. We are able to support parents with newborn in maternity wards and supervising parents with their child when there has been a concern of non-accidental injuries whilst the appropriate authorities are carrying out investigations.

Virtual Contact Supervision

This involves the use of a Video Chat Apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime & WhatsApp. The session is facilitated by a supervisor, and the parent having contact and their child. This type of contact can be for supervised or supported. A report will be provided for supervised contact.


Parents do not have to meet as the handover will be done by our specialist team of contact supervisors. The parent will then take the child out for the duration of the visit, bringing them back to allocated drop off point. We ask that if there is a non-molestation order all information is given via the referral form in order to put a risk assessment in place.

Family Support

Our family practitioner meets the family usually at their home and supports them to help manage their day-to-day routines and appointments that they may struggle with. A report will be provided to the allocated professional.

Bespoke Mentoring

This service is mainly targeted to young people who are experiencing difficulties this could be in their home, school or emotional well-being issues our mentors will meet with the young person and work alongside them putting a tailored plan together which will be assessed as agreed. Our mentors provide activates and can liaise with other professional dependants on the needs of the young person.

Welfare checks

Welfare checks are used to check on the wellbeing of a vulnerable child and parents. Welfare checks are carried out by us only after a referral from social services and the agreement from the family has been ascertained. Staff will attend an address to check on the wellbeing of the child. We have no powers to enter an address without permission of the parent unlike the police. However, details of who was at the address during the visit and any identified concerns or risks will be recorded by the persons carrying out the welfare checks. Authorities are contacted immediately by us if significant concerns are found.

Transport Services

We offer transport services this could be for children who need to be escorted to and from school, various activities and or bespoke transport services requested by our clients. Our transport team are fully insured and have enhanced DBS.

Room Hire

Please contact us regarding our room hire. This will be scheduled at a Children’s Centre local to you. We have age-appropriate toys for different age groups. No supervisor or report will be provided